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Gillibrand: Republicans Have 'Stooped To A New Low' Challenging My Ballot

And all those challenges are definitely piling up. The latest numbers from Columbia County, provided to TPM, show 214 challenges compared to 378 absentee ballots that have actually been counted. And out of those total challenges, 194 have come from the Tedisco campaign. And Saratoga County, the Tedisco stronghold that hasn't reported any numbers yet, and which has about a quarter of the total absentees, currently has 714 challenges, the Albany Times Union reports.

The latest official numbers from the state show Murphy ahead by 47 votes -- but really, if you add in Kirsten Gillibrand's ballot it's 48 votes. And then there are all the other challenges out there. In addition, the latest numbers from Columbia County, which aren't yet in the state totals, put Murphy's lead even higher at 105 votes, notwithstanding any other un-reported numbers and the eventual resolutions of these challenged ballots.

This really does make a mockery of the secret ballot, doesn't it?