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Gillibrand And Cuomo Take Heat For Attending Rangel B-Day Party (VIDEOS)


Rick Lazio, one of two possible Republican challengers to Cuomo in the race for New York governor, put up a video to the tune of La Bouche's "Runaway." The ad hits Cuomo for attending Rangel's party, then "sneak[ing] out of the Plaza Hotel through a subway service entrance a block away."

David Malpass, a possible challenger for Gillibrand's Senate seat, cut a video called "Bad Things Come In Twos" to Danny Elfman's "The Little Things." It says: "Kirsten Gillibrand continues to stand by ethically challenged Charlie Rangel."

And Lazio put up another video attacking the New York Democrats to the tune of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me": "What do New York Democratic party bosses have in common? They all support corrupt career politician Charlie Rangel."