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Gibbs Says GOP Will Need To Explain Why They Now Oppose Health Care Summit They Called For


Gibbs also reacted to Anthem parent company Well Point's justification for the hikes - that reform is necessary.

"Well, I would say to this insurer, welcome to the game. Come down and help us -- help be part of the solution for cutting costs and increasing coverage," Gibbs said.

Republicans have not yet accepted the invitation and have said that the White House should start from scratch with a clean sheet of paper. Gibbs mocked the party for not immediately accepting a meeting they called for.

"Right before the president issued the invitation, the -- the thing that each of these individuals was hoping for most was an opportunity to sit down on television and discuss and engage on these issues. Now, not accepting an invitation to do what they'd asked the president to do, if they decide not to, I'll let them leap the -- leap the chasm there and try to explain why they're now opposed to what they said they wanted most to do," he said.

Gibbs said the process is "toward the end of the solution finding."

The press secretary several times pointedly declined to say what would be in the draft "online text" that Obama told lawmakers he'd post before the Feb. 25 summit, telling reporters in the daily briefing today to "stay tuned."

We've been asking our Congressional sources all day what they expect to be in that draft. So far, no answers, but we'll keep readers posted.