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Gibbs On McChrystal's Job Security: 'Wait And See'

Newscom / Christy Bowe

Gibbs said he gave Obama the article last night, and "he was angry," especially because the profile is "distracting" from such a vital mission when progress in Afghanistan hangs in the balance.

When a reporter asked if Obama would dispute the general's characterization in the Rolling Stone piece that Obama was not engaged during a key meeting about the war strategy, Gibbs deadpanned: "He'll have his undivided attention tomorrow."

Gibbs said Obama ordered McChrystal off the battlefield and to Washington "to see what in the world he was thinking." Gibbs also said "all options" including firing McChrystal, are on the table tomorrow.

The press secretary also referred several times to the statement issued earlier by Defense Secretary Robert Gates calling the remarks a "significant mistake."