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Gentleman's Agreement: McConnell Says He Won't Campaign Against Harry Reid


He said Reid did not come to Kentucky to campaign against him in 2008 and he would be returning the favor. It's possible Angle wouldn't want McConnell to help her woo voters in an anti-establishment election anyway -- and heading to the Silver State might not help McConnell with his national approval rating since Democrats have done their best to paint Angle as outside of the mainstream.

Earlier in the breakfast, McConnell started talking about his "best friends" in the Senate, naming first Chris Dodd (D-CT) and then Reid.

He also spoke fondly several times of conversations he and Reid have about negotiating on votes, saying he sympathizes with the plight of a majority leader trying to guide a nervous caucus.

Reid also has avoided saying anything nasty about Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) during his struggle with ethics and scandal.

TPM asked McConnell after the breakfast if he thinks Reid might be wooing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to consider joining with the Democrats in case the Republican-turned-independent wins the Senate seat this fall.

"I'm hoping Marco Rubio is the next senator from Florida and we don't have to confront that issue," McConnell said.