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Gates On Tighter Media Access Rules For Military: It's Not You, It's Us


Today, Gates denied that the new rules were a reflection of the Defense Department developing a mentality of the press as the enemy.

"This is not about you, this is about us," Gates told reporters. "This is about us doing things in an uncoordinated way. It is about people in this department speaking out on issues where they don't have all the facts, where they may not have the perspective."

Gates said that stories in the press have been a "spur to action" to him and "one of the tools that I have in trying to lead this department and correct problems." He and Adm. Mike Mullen argued that the memo was intended to remind soldiers about rules and discipline, not to limit press access.

"If you're a captain in a unit that has an embedded reporter, as long as you're within the guideline and the rules, we expect you to be open with that embedded reporter," Gates said. "On the other hand, if you're a captain in this building, working on budget options, I expect you to keep your mouth shut."

And what did Gates think of the fact that his memo on stricter press relations was leaked to the press?

"That it was highly predictable," he said.

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