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Full Blunt Video: "I Don't Have Any Reason Not To Believe" Obama Born In U.S. -- But Birth Certificate Is "Legitimate Question"

We first met up with Roy Blunt on Monday evening as he trekked over for the suspension votes. I asked him a simple question that could have been answered with a yes or a no. He responded to me by saying "I'm going to vote." I pressed him, and he muttered something under his breath. I thought I heard a "yes" in there, so I sought confirmation. None came; the Congressman simply kept walking away from me with his head bowed. He made his way up the steps, and we stopped filming. Within seconds, a security guard came down the steps and warned us off filming Representatives while standing on the steps. It was clear to us at the time that Blunt had complained about being accosted. In this second video, I assumed that when Blunt did not correct my understanding from the previous day - that he believed Obama was born in the United States - that he was willing to let that perception stand. What I wanted to know is if he thought the birthers were crazy. All he wanted to talk about was why Obama couldn't or wouldn't release a birth certificate. The videos attached to this post constitute every unedited second of footage we have of Congressman Blunt. We generally make our own editing decisions, but since Blunt's communications office was desperate to get the "full story" out, we are happy to help