Franken: We Will Be Seated — And By “We,” I Mean “Me”


Al Franken addressed the Minnesota Young DFL convention in St. Paul on Saturday, thanking everyone, especially young voters and supporters, for all their help in bringing him to his super-narrow win:

“First of all, thank you. You know, when you win by 225 votes, it’s fair to say that no effort really went to waste,” said Franken, as the audience laughed. He then thanked everyone for all the great victories that Minnesota Democrats had in electing Barack Obama, increasing their majorities in the state legislature, and sending their five House members back. “And yes — we took Paul Wellstone’s seat back,” he added, before being answered by applause.“You may be wondering exactly what’s happening with that — and so am I,” said Franken, causing the audience to laugh. “We know that the judges will come back. I imagine many of you have been following this — maybe not as closely as me. (Audience laughs.) But you know, you probably heard that Coleman’s lead attorney went on talk radio and said that they were going to lose — uh, I don’t know why, but he did (Audience laughs.) — and that they’ll probably appeal to the state Supreme Court. And we are very confident we’ll win that, too, and that then we’ll be seated. And by “we,” I mean me.” (Audience laughs.)