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Franken Thanks Minnesota -- And Coleman

Franken said his phone call earlier today with Coleman was very pleasant. "It was really -- it was a very gracious call, I must say. He said it was a very hard-fought campaign and I said it was, 'Norm, it couldn't have been closer," said Franken. "And I said to him that Franni and I can only imagine what this is like for him and his family. And he just said, this is gonna be the best job you'll ever have. And I hope it's the best job I've ever had, and imagine - yes, I think it will be."

A reporter asked about Coleman having recognized the court's decision and congratulating Franken -- but neglecting, in the reporter's observation, to affirmatively say that Franken really won more votes. "Well, I think what you had is 12 judges look at this process through the canvassing process, through the recount, through the election contest, and the decision from the [state] Supreme Court," said Franken, "all agreeing unanimously that I won the majority -- well not the majority -- that I won more votes than anybody else in the election. And I think that is conclusive, and I think that this has been as thorough and transparent and as painstaking as possible."

"Well, one thing I take away from this is I won by 312 votes, so I really have to earn the trust of all the people who didn't vote for me," he added shortly afterward. "And to all the people of Minnesota, I want them to know not just by my words but by my actions, that I'll be working for everyone in Minnesota, and I'll be thinking about that every day when I wake up."