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Franken Rings In Court Victory, Quotes Paul Wellstone On Politics

Franken then took questions from reporters, and the first one was what he thought about the likely scenario of Norm Coleman appealing this ruling and preventing Franken from being seated for still longer. "Well I have no control over what he does," said Franken. "And he says he's gonna appeal, so he is, to the Minnesota Supreme Court. But as these three judges said, this was a very fair election, totally scrutinized, they agreed unanimously on everything, and I'm very confident that we won."

"I don't think that by attacking the courts of this state, by attacking the election processes of this state, I don't think that's a winning argument in any court in this state -- especially the Supreme Court of this state. And after that I believe I will be certified and go to work in the u.s. Senate."

He did say he would likely travel to Washington between now and when he's officially certified as the winner, though not apparently in order to be seated: "But I've been going back and forth, in part of the process of just getting ready to hit the ground running."

Again, Franken was asked about what he would say to Norm Coleman about appealing. "Yes, I would probably urge him not to appeal," said Franken. "Although, you know I'm sure that he's made his mind up, and I don't - I'm a pretty persuasive guy, but I don't think I could win that one with him."