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Fox News' Steve Doocy Corrects Fabricated Obama Quote


Doocy's rendition made it easier to portray the remark as a jab against Mitt Romney while interviewing him -- Romney portrayed it as an attack on his father's success. The misquote was then picked up by the Washington Post and New York Post -- both of which later ran corrections -- as well as conservative blogs.

The top-rated network came under fire Monday for the error, with a devastating critique by Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple as well as coverage from the Huffington Post, Politico, Mediaite and TVNewser. By late afternoon a Fox spokesperson told TVNewser that Doocy would correct the mistake.

It isn't the first time Doocy has put words in Obama's mouth. Last October he falsely reported the president was planning on apologizing to Japan for U.S. actions during World War II, only to later concede that what he said was false.

Watch Doocy's correction Tuesday morning: