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Fox News Polls: GOPer Buck Up 1 In CO-SEN, Dem Hickenlooper Up 5 In CO-GOV


On the Senate side, the poll, conducted October 16, shows Republican Ken Buck (46%) with a one-point lead over Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet (45%). The previous Fox News poll, conducted Sept. 25, had Buck at 47% and Bennet at 43%. In the latest poll, 4% of voters are still not sure who they'll vote for.

The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Buck leading Bennet 48.0%-44.5%.

In the gubernatorial race, the poll shows Democrat John Hickenlooper (45%) leading third-party candidate Tom Tancredo (40%), with Republican Dan Maes (10%) a distant third. In the Sept. 25 poll, Hickenlooper was at 44%, while Tancredo was at 34% and Maes was at 15%.

The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Hickenlooper leading Tancredo and Maes 44.9%-40.5%-10.1%.

These polls were conducted through a Rasmussen offshoot, Pulse Opinion Research, which performs made-to-order robopolls.

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