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Former Bush Budget Director Mitch Daniels: I Did Not Blow Up The Deficit (VIDEO)


Here's a talking point Daniels' potential GOP primary opponents could use against him, courtesy of a question from CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

"The national debt doubled during the eight years of the Bush administration," Blitzer said. He then pointed out that the government increased in size as well -- which runs counter to GOP dogma -- and asked Daniels to explain how that happened.

"I think there's plenty of blame to go around," Daniels said. "And we could spend the next couple years trying to apportion it and assign it between Republicans and Democrats and the economy in which two bubbles popped and led to a plunge in revenues."

"I will just say that the choices that were made in those years were not all accurate, not all good ones, but far better than what we've been doing over the last two years.