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Florida Republican: Campaign Finance Law Is Cramping My Millionaire Campaign Style


In anticipation of this, according to the Palm Beach Post, Scott is arguing that the law "has 'significantly chilled' his First Amendment rights because it has forced him to slow down his extraordinary campaign spending."

"While state taxpayers are being asked to tighten their belts to help solve the state's budget woes, politicians like Bill McCollum are serial beneficiaries of the taxpayers handouts to fund their political campaign," the Scott campaign said in a statement.

Scott's suit asks for an injunction by July 16, so as to cut McCollum off from the state funds due to be given to him in late July, according to the Sunshine State News.

"It should come as no surprise to anyone that Rick Scott, a man who oversaw the most massive Medicare fraud scheme in history, just can't seem to play by the rules," said Matt Williams, McCollum's campaign manager, told the Sunshine State News.

The Scott campaign declined to comment further on the lawsuit.

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