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Fitzgerald: Wisconsin Recalls Have Become A 'Referendum' (VIDEO)


What message should people take away from the recalls, Hemmer asked? (This is, of course, a difficult question, seeing as how the elections have not happened yet.) For his part, Fitzgerald hoped for a Republican victory -- and that this would be a message to other states, to pursue the same sort of policies.

"I mean, I think what we're hoping for is tomorrow, that these Republican senators are successful," Fitzgerald responded, "and that we sent a message that we're gonna stand with the taxpayers. We're not gonna stand with the public employee unions, and as a result of that moving forward hopefully we can build a more cooperative effort.

"But nationwide, as this happens in other states, and there's changes made to collective bargaining, I think you're gonna see that, you know, Wisconsin is the tip of the spear, and the unions are trying to draw the line in the sand here."

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