Fiorina Camp: Expect Ads Even More Shocking Than Demon Sheep


You loved Demon Sheep. So did the Carly Fiorina campaign — it says today that, due the overwhelming success of yesterday’s web ad, the voting public can expect even more gems from its web video department.

The world “can expect to see equally if not more shocking web-based ads or videos,” a Fiorina spokeswoman tells the Daily Beast‘s Benjy Sarlin. (Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is running for Senate from California.)

“It’s been touted as the most genius ad ever all the way down to the worst, but no matter what, people are talking about it and it generates views,” said the spokeswoman, Julie Soderlund, saying the video has been a “great success.”

If you haven’t seen the video, watch:

(We looked around, and New York Magazine, at least, did call Fiorina an “internet genius.”)

As you can see above, the video calls Fiorina’s Republican primary opponent, Tom Campbell, a “fiscal conservative in name only,” or FCINO. Soderlund ended the mystery and explained how to pronounce it:

“It’s ‘fuh-see-no’,” Soderlund said.