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Fellow TN GOPers Shy Away From Lt. Gov's Muslim 'Cult' Comment, Dem Condemns It


"Mike McWherter strongly believes the 1st Amendment applies to all religions." Shelby White, spokesman for the campaign, told me. "Senator Ron Ramsey should defend the 1st Amendment as strongly as he touts the 2nd and 10th Amendments along the campaign trail."

McWherter, who's running behind the GOP field in general election matchups, seems to be hoping that embarrassing/offensive remarks like Ramsey's, and Wamp's recent pro-secession talk, could give his campaign a needed boost.

According to the Tennessean's In Session blog, McWherter's camp sent "an email to sup­port­ers" today focused on the quotes from Wamp and Ramsey. The subject line was a simple one: "Had Enough?"