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Federal Judge Rejects Challenge To Key Elements Of Health Care Law

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"This ruling marks the first time a court has considered the merits of any challenge to this law and we welcome the court's decision upholding the health care reform statute as constitutional," says DOJ spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler. "The court found that the minimum coverage provision of the statute was a reasonable means for Congress to take in reforming our health care system. The department will continue to vigorously defend this law in ongoing litigation."

This lawsuit is separate from numerous federal challenges to the Affordable Care Act, including one from 20 state Attorneys General around the country. Michigan's AG, Mike Cox, is among the plaintiffs.

The Thomas More Law Center and four other plaintiffs in this suit plan to appeal the ruling.

"Obviously we disagree with the ruling on the Commerce Clause issue," said Robert Muise, senior trial counsel with Thomas More. "The ruling was framed quite nicely for appeal and i like our chances on appeal."

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