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Eric Cantor Called For 'A Steve Jobs Plan' In Prepared Remarks For Cancelled Speech


"There are politicians and others who want to demonize people that have earned success in certain sectors of our society," he wrote. "They claim that these people have now made enough, and haven't paid their fair share. But, pitting Americans against one another tends to deflate the aspirational spirit of our people and fade the American dream."

He added that Americans "goal shouldn't be for everyone to meet in the middle of the ladder. We should want all people to be moving up and no one to be pulled down."

Cantor said the late Steve Jobs exemplified the notion that allowing small businesses to flourish would eventually bring widespread prosperity.

"Through his example, you can see that America needs more than a jobs plan," he wrote. "It needs a Steve Jobs plan. In a Steve Jobs Plan, those who are successful not only create good jobs and services that make our lives better, they also give back and help everyone move just a little bit further up the ladder and everybody wins."

You can read his full remarks here.