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Ed Schultz: North Dakota Dems Have Asked Me To Run For Senate (VIDEO)


"I'm flattered, I'm honored. I can't say that I'm even considering it right now," said Schultz. "I've worked awful hard in my career to get where I am, to go from Fargo to 30 Rock and here at MSNBC. I've invested a lot of years to get the microphone to have an opportunity to advocate for the middle class in this country. I'm in a different place right now. So we're a long way from any consideration, we're a long way from any kind of decision."

Schultz didn't totally close the door on a run, though, and made sure to take some shots at Republican Gov. John Hoeven, who is expected to be the Republican nominee for the seat: "I must say that I personally think he's vulnerable in a lot of areas. I think he would be easily challenged in a lot of areas. It's gonna be very intriguing, but at this point I think I'm not even at the point of consideration. We're a long way from that."