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Doug Hoffman Likely Running Again As Candidate To 'Unite' All GOP Factions (VIDEO)


Hoffman said he'd officially announce in the next two weeks, but sounded like a candidate, telling me that at CPAC, "We have not been asking for endorsements, people are encouraging us to run."

Later Hoffman stopped by to bend Rep. Steve King's ear, and King (R-IA) offered his endorsement.

We also asked Hoffman about Ryan roadmap budget that we've been writing about. He didn't want to take a position on the plan since he hasn't read it, but said he opposes cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

"If we're going to cut the deficits and cut the national debt we have to look at the federal budget and we're going to have to make some hard decisions. At this point I'm not in favor of cutting Medicare or Social Security, I think those benefits are not necessarily ones that we should start with," he said.