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Donald Trump To Meet With AZ Birther Bill Author In NYC


Seel's bill is just one of two pieces of birther legislation currently sitting in the state legislature. A previous attempt to pass a birther law in the state died in the Senate after sponsors couldn't find the votes to pass it.

According to Seel's office, the trip to New York to meet with Trump about the Arizona bill was booked "last night." Seel will stay in the city through Sunday.

"I don't know who called who," Seel's assistant, Tammy Quinn, told TPM.

News of the meeting was tweeted by Arizona reporters and then confirmed by TPM today.

Trump, currently in the midst of his latest flirtation with a presidential run, has made Obama's birth certificate his central focus for nearly a month. Recent polling data and anecdotal evidence has shown tea partiers are thrilled with Trump's decision to ask questions about Obama's birth that were solved years ago.

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