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Dodd Defends Blumenthal, Calls Vietnam Row A 'Bump'


"Doesn't change that at all in my view," Dodd went on. "Dick Blumenthal, as I said, has been straightforward. He's been terrific. The people of Connecticut admire him, respect him, as I do, and I'm looking forward to that day in January when he'll be sworn in as the next Senator from Connecticut."

Last night, the New York Times published a damning story, contrasting statements in which Blumenthal said--or suggested--that he fought in the Vietnam War, with military records, which show he joined the Marine Corps as a reservist in 1970, and served for six years, including a six-month active-duty stint in South Carolina.

Republican Senate hopeful, and former professional wrestling executive, Linda McMahon is claiming credit for unearthing the story and feeding it to the Times. Blumenthal will address the allegations at an event later today.

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