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Dick Cheney: 'I'm Intrigued' By Mitch Daniels For President (VIDEO)


The key moment comes at about the 1:15 mark below:

What does Cheney think of Mitt Romney, Gangel asked?

"I like Mitt Romney very much. It's that same kind of gubernatorial experience in Massachusetts," Cheney answered. "And I think over the years we've elected more governors than we have senators. But on the other hand we've got some good Senate talent, too -- people like John Thune from South Dakota.

"So I think there's no shortage. Let me apologize at the outset to everybody I didn't mention. But the fact is, I think we've got a wealth of talent in the Republican Party."

As the MSNBC crew of Gangel, Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie noticed, one of the folks that Cheney didn't mention was Sarah Palin. So make of that what you will.