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Denver School Board Member Resigns From Romanoff Campaign Over Payments


Earlier, we reported how Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff sold his house to give his campaign a financial boost. Now, Denver school board member Andrea Merida has resigned from Romanoff's campaign, after reports that she was being paid thousands of dollars in consulting fees without disclosing her role on the campaign.

According to the Post, Merida had attacked incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) in board meetings and other forums -- all while being on the take from Team Romanoff. The entire school board appears to have been divided by the primary fight between Romanoff and Bennet, formerly the Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools.

On Friday, The Denver Post reported on the campaign's payments to Merida. At the time, Merida said it was "immaterial to disclose it" and the campaign said her role was not secret.

But in a blog post on her website yesterday, Merida changed her tune. "I neglected to tell the Denver Post that I hold such a position, though not intentionally," Merida wrote. Merida stated that the campaign paid her $2,500 a month to be a "field organizer,"but that she would resign after the flap.

In my naivete, I believed it was not an issue, because campaigns are supposed to be separate from board work. For my oversight, I must apologize, and I regret any injury I may have caused. As a result, I have decided to resign from the campaign

The primary is August 10.

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