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Dems Rip Grassley Over Pro-Health Care Reform Bill Statement

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

"It's common-sense that a single piece of legislation can have provisions that are appealing and others that are unpalatable," the spokesperson said. "Senator Grassley has always said there are some good things in the evolving health care package, including the items he initiated."

The spokesperson said it that calling Grassley a hypcrite was twisting the facts.

"Senator Grassley has not been in control of the outcome in any respect at all, so it's specious to hold him responsible for those who took the legislation, with some elements that he supported, in a direction contrary to his basic views," she said. "What's really hypocritical is to accuse someone of hypocrisy for saying there are some good things in a Democratic bill in this supposed era of post-partisanship."

The Democrats don't have the same take, suggesting that Grassley's trying to have it both ways by slamming a bill as purely partisan that he admits has language in it that he wrote.

"Either he is a total hypocrite or he has taken March Madness to a whole new level," Schultz said in the DSCC statement today.