Dems Question Angle’s $14 Million Quarterly Haul


Within minutes of Sharron Angle’s announcement that she’d raised a staggering $14 million in campaign funds this quarter, Democrats began publicly positing that her haul may not reflect her cash on hand, much of which could have gone to outside contractors.

“The fact is they won’t disclose [her] COH number and their burn rate is extremely telling,” says Harry Reid spokesman Kelly Steele. “Sharron Angle has lied about her agenda before anyone believes anything, we have to actually see the numbers.”

Steele added, “whatever money they have cannot buy a field operation.”He isn’t the only strategist to suggest the same. In June, Salon found that her campaign had forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the direct mail firm called Base Connect, which is known to take a huge chunk off the top of their clients’ returns.

Angle’s campaign stands by the total. Reid’s camp plans to release their totals on October 15.

Additional reporting by Christina Bellantoni.


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