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Dems Press GOPers To Repeal Their Own Benefits Along With Health Care Law


Moments before Dems introduced the motion, the DCCC blasted out to reporters a list of the 14 House Republicans who have opted out of their federal benefits. You can see the full list below. Many of those members made that decision after Dems pulled a similar trick, and pressed Republicans to announce publicly if they'd be accepting those benefits.

· Representative Nan Hayworth (NY-19), [Star Gazette, 1/6/11];

· Representative Paul Gosar (AZ-01), [Prescott Daily Courier, 1/06/11];

· Representative Bobby Schilling (IL-17), [ABC News, 11/17/10];

· Representative Mike Kelly (PA-03), [Think Progress, 11/18/10];

· Representative Joe Walsh (IL-08), [The Hill, 12/26/10];

· Representative Bill Johnson (OH-06), [Plain Dealer, 1/19/11] ;

· Representative Daniel Webster (FL-8), [Orlando Sentinel, 11/26/10];

· Representative Sandy Adams (FL-24), [Orlando Sentinel, 11/26/10];

· Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01), [Think Progress, 1/6/11];

· Representative Rich Nugent (FL-5), [POLITICO, 1/6/11];

· Representative David McKinley (WV-1), [Parkersburg News and Sentinel, 1/8/11];

· Representative Scott Rigell (VA-2), [Daily Press, 1/6/11];

· Representative Bob Dold (IL-10), [The Hill, 1/19/11];

· Representative Chris Gibson (NY-20), [Star Gazette, 1/6/11].

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