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Dems Pounce On 'The Town' Clip: 'Who Are They Planning To Hurt?'


Washington wouldn't be Washington without a little Hollywood thrown in. And what better way to decide the future of our economy than by dressing up the debate with and eyebrow-raising movie clip to drive your point home. But with tensions running high and less than a week to go before a looming Aug. 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling, it seems lawmakers are eager to utilize any means by which to out-elbow the other side.

Wasserman Schultz, meanwhile, criticized the clip as a "sad metaphor" that derided decorum, and instead called Republican bills such as Cut, Cap, and Balance as that which would truly hurt people.

"With such legislation Republicans certainly would hurt some people," she said. "In fact they would hurt quite a lot of people. The craziest part is that they expect us to get into that car and go with them. We want no part of it."

Earlier Wednesday, Ben Affleck reacted to the GOP using his movie with some surprise, suggesting that another of his films would have perhaps been more suitable.

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