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Democrats Grow Nervous About Meeting Christmas Health Care Deadline

Newscom / Bill Clark

If the cost-estimate comes back tomorrow, aides say Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could call an impromptu caucus meeting, present his "manager's amendment," along with new budget figures, to his members, and hope against hope that he receives signals from all remaining hold outs--including Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)--that they'll vote to end a series of GOP health care filibusters.

If that doesn't happen, it's difficult to see how they'll be able to pass a health care bill by Christmas.

Aides have suggested privately that when Reid releases his manager's amendment to the media, it will be a sign that he has--or at least thinks he has--60 votes lined up to clear all of the remaining procedural hurdles. So that's the event we'll be awaiting tomorrow.

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