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Dem Senator Says Economy 'Strong' Same Day DSCC Attacks GOPer Over Similar Quote


Both were making the point that they disagreed with the S&P's decision since America's financial health is better than the agency indicated. The DSCC's Wednesday statement was unusual in that Republicans are typically more active in downplaying the strength of the economy, since it bolsters their argument that President Obama's economic agenda hasn't produced sufficient results. Obama himself has come out strong against the S&P decision using similar arguments to Lugar and Durbin.

"It's unfortunate that the Democrats, the Obama administration, and [Lugar primary opponent] Richard Mourdock are playing politics with the United States economy," Lugar spokesman David Willkie told TPM on Thursday. "Dick Lugar's focus is on jobs and solving our economic problems."

TPM reached out to the DSCC, but did not immediately receive a response.