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Dem Barrett's New WI-GOV Ad Highlights 2009 Intervention In Assault (VIDEO)


I asked Barrett campaign communications director Phil Walzak whether the ad was in any way intended to be a response to an ad from one of the Republican candidates, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, in which Walker donned boxing gloves and said he would take on Barrett and the Democratic political machine. "No, it's not," said Walzak.

"What Tom has said is this was an important moment in his life and the life of his family," Walzak explained, "and he thought it important to share, as all voters are entitled to know about the candidate, and the people can decide for themselves what it means in the race for governor."

The TPM Poll Averages show Walker leading Barrett by 49.0%-42.9%, and Republican former Congressman Mark Neumann leading Barrett by 45.9%-43.4%. The Republican primary will be held this coming Tuesday.

(Full disclosure: I was a volunteer back in 2002 for Barrett's first gubernatorial campaign, in the Democratic primary. I have not had any additional political involvement with him since that time.)