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D'oh! Linda McMahon Picks Now To Call For More Offshore Drilling


McMahon says it's time to loosen the "burdensome regulations" that can "inhibit growth."

Drilling for oil near sensitive coastline ecosystems is a win-win, the McMahon in the mailer. "Offshore oil drilling will create jobs and increase energy supply without cost to the taxpayer," it reads.

This isn't the first time McMahon has had to deal a, perhaps, poor choice of imagery. Shortly after she announced she was running for Chris Dodd's seat in the Senate last October, Democrats called on her to explain some old footage from her days at World Wrestling Entertainment -- which they said suggested McMahon was making money from necrophilia.

Nor is it the first time her timing has been questioned. As Republicans continued to beat the drums about ACORN and it's alleged corrupt voter registration practices, McMahon's campaign was forced to cancel a program it had planned to increase the voter rolls by paying canvassers $5 for every Republican they registered.