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Crist: Senate GOP Caucus 'Would Have To Do Better' For My Vote


"Well what I want to do is join the people's caucus," said Crist. "You know, the caucus of the people of Florida."

Matthews interrupted: "In other words, would you imagine voting as a Republican, becoming a member of the Republican caucus, if they continue with their strategy of just say no?"

"It would have to do better. There's no question about it," said Crist. "I mean, obviously if you're looking at reducing taxes, reducing the deficit, maybe they've got some good ideas about that. It really depends on issue by issue, Chris."

The TPM Poll Average shows Crist leading with 37.8%, Republican Marco Rubio at 33.2%, and Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek with 14.7%. With businessman Jeff Greene as the Democratic nominee, Crist leads by 37.5%-32.9%-16.4%.