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Creigh Deeds Wins Virginia Gubernatorial Primary, Stomping McAuliffe And Moran

This was obviously a bad career move for McAuliffe. After his cartoonish behavior as an advocate on TV for Hillary Clinton (some of which may have been deliberate performance art), he'll now also be remembered for tanking in this race. But it may have been even worse for Moran -- he resigned from the state legislature to be a full-time candidate for governor, so he's lost some definite level of political power that he'd already had.

Looking ahead, Deeds now faces former state Attorney General Bob McDonnell -- a rematch, after McDonnell previously defeated Deeds for Attorney General in the 2005 election. That result was a super-close margin of 323 votes out of about 1.9 million, and required a recount. We'll see what happens now that the state has clearly shifted more to the Democrats over the last four years.