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Conservatives Tout New Video Of Kentucky Stomping (VIDEO)


Regardless of what the clip adds to the story, the fact remains that Profitt stomped on her head, leaving him open to criminal investigation and the Paul campaign open to criticism and public shaming.

As the RedState blogger writes, "Let us begin with what should be obvious and unnecessary to discuss: don't stomp on anyone's head. There are no mitigating circumstances to be presented in this article or video."

Check out the smoking gun clip here:


MoveOn's Ilyse Hogue sends this response to the new video:

"Lauren made no secret of the fact that she was trying to get a picture with Rand Paul and her satirical sign at this event. If the candidate, or any of his supporters, felt threatened by a girl with a poster, once they had pulled her away from the car, the threat had passed. Nothing justifies the violence of her head being stomped on the curb once she was on the ground. This is nothing less than the men involved, and the Paul campaign, once again trying to justify an obvious assault once they have been exposed."