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Colorado Republican Ken Buck: I Do Too Support The 17th Amendment


Video recently unearthed by The Huffington Post shows Buck responding to a question at a campaign event last year by saying that the 17th Amendment "has taken us down the wrong path."

I don't know that we get [repeal] tomorrow, but I think we get there in the very near future when people understand just what a horrendous effect the 17th Amendment has been on the federal government's spending.

Friday, Buck clarified his past statement to The Huffington Post: "It is not a position I still hold and it wasn't a position I held a day later when I called back the guy who asked the question and talked to him about the issue and reflected more on it."

"It doesn't make sense to repeal the 17th Amendment and I have said it a dozen of times," he added.

Watch the video:

This isn't the first time that Buck has had to explain comments caught on tape.

The TPM Poll Average shows Buck leading Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet 45.7-42.8.

The Buck campaign did not immediately return TPM's request for comment this morning.

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