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Coleman's Legal Spokesman Makes It Clear: We Are Appealing

"The court was very defensive of the Minnesota system," said Ginsberg. "The purpose of a contest is to be protective of the rights of the voters. And instead of spending so much time patting themselves on the back about the Minnesota system, the court really missed the big picture that I think, in its prior rulings, the Minnesota Supreme Court has been conscious of."

Ginsberg said the formal notice of appeal would likely be filed next week, after they've had some time to look into the details of the ruling and construct their arguments. They have a ten-day period in which to file it. Ginsberg also said the election contest law carries with it an automatic right to be heard by the state Supreme Court.

"This really is a clarion call that the system of election administration in this country is broken," said Ginsberg, who previously served on the Bush legal team during the Florida 2000 litigation. And Ginsberg warned that the problems inherent in an election system, even one as good as Minnesota, can't get fixed if the state sweeps them under the rug rather than acknowledging them.