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Coleman Lawyer Declares Whole Election Tainted -- And Doesn't Rule Out Re-Vote

Ginsberg continued attacking the court's "Friday the 13th Ruling" against the lenient standards that Coleman wanted for admitting additional rejected ballots, saying this was irreconcilable with the count as it already is -- and even some of the ballots behind him wouldn't have met the proposed lenient standards: "The court has now created a muddle of its own making, and that is what it has to sort out."

Ginsberg acknowledged one simple fact -- these votes can't be un-counted, because they were de-coupled from their envelopes on Election Night. "Listen, I don't know what you do at this point with this number of votes from one county that are clearly illegal and are clearly in the count," he said. "I don't know how you physically take them out. It's a monumental problem that's as plain as the charts standing in back of me now. And it's the court's job to straighten them out."

Indeed, he later added that since the court's job is to certify the number of legally cast ballots, and that "you can't do that with any degree of confidence -- with no degree of confidence." And he acknowledged that these problems probably happened in every election across the country, and we only notice it when it's this close -- but that doesn't mean you can ignore it.

One reporter asked point blank if Ginsberg was looking for a re-vote. "That is for the court. The court has that mandate," he said. "And I'm not gonna prejudge what the court should do. But the court has the responsibility to reconcile these issues."

(Ginsberg press conference c/o The Uptake.)