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Coleman Camp On Defense As Team Franken Brings Up Ballot-Vetoes

Also, Coleman spokesman Ben Ginsberg really upped the rhetoric at his afternoon press conference, giving his rebuttals to Team Franken an expressly partisan tone today.

Ginsberg insisted that the Franken camp's math -- which alleges that Coleman has only offered complete and valid evidence on perhaps 20 rejected absentee ballots -- is all wrong, and the number of viable cases is really in the low thousands.

"Well, having heard Mr. Elias' version of the math in this case, I think I really do have a greater insight into how the Democrats in Washington have passed a $798 billion bailout bill, a $3 trillion budget, and now plan on telling us they're shrinking the deficit at the same time," Ginsberg said. "And so the fuzzy math of Washington seems to have winded its way here to Minnesota."

In other words, you can't trust the Franken lawyers' arguments because they're a bunch of dishonest, shifty Democrats.