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CO GOPer Ken Buck: 'Progressive Liberal Movement' Is A Bigger Threat Than Al Qaeda


Last week, Buck distanced himself from comments made at his rally by former Rep. Tom Tancredo, who called Obama "the greatest threat to our liberty."

In an interview with ABC/Washington Post's "Top Line," Buck clarified -- sort of.

"I said at the time that I did not agree with Tom Tancredo in the sense that -- I think what is going on right now, with the deficit spending and the huge debt and unfunded liabilities, as you just mentioned, is a huge threat," Buck said. "And I think that the president is leading a progressive liberal movement that is causing, to a certain extent, the threat. Certainly, we had deficit spending under President Bush and in the Republican Congress -- House and Senate. But I think the largest threat we really have is the progressive liberal movement. I think if Barack Obama stepped down tomorrow, we would still have that threat."

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