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CNN Poll: Public Split On Whether Political Rhetoric Affected Giffords Shooting

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Another bullet point was, "A map on Sarah Palin's website that marked 20 congressional districts, including the district represented by the congresswoman who was shot, with an image that looked like the crosshairs of a gun." For this one, it was only 19% great deal and 16% moderate amount, to 15% not much and 44% not at all.

In addition, "The laws under which guns are bought and sold in this country," the answer was 30% great deal and 22% moderate amount, to 14% not much and 33% not at all.

And in a very clear message, "The resources available to deal with people who may be mentally ill," scored 41% great deal and 29% moderate amount, and 13% not much and 15% not at all.

The survey of American adults has a ±3% margin of error.