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CNN/Time Poll: Hickenlooper Still Leads -- But Tancredo Ahead Of Maes In CO-GOV


Hickenlooper received the support of 47% of likely voters, besting Tancredo's 29% by 18 points. Maes pulled in just 21%. The surprise Republican nominee has suffered a series of scandals, lost allies for weeks and recently announced paltry fundraising figures. Tancredo entered the race after declaring that Maes was not a viable candidate.

Ironically, though Maes had Tea Party support to thank for his primary win, CNN Polling Director Keating Holland says, "Tancredo has an edge over Maes among conservative voters."

The TPM Poll Average shows Hickenlooper leading with 47.2%, with Tancredo (27.8%) now ahead of Maes (19.9%).

The margin of error for the CNN/Time poll is 3.5%.

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