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Christine O'Donnell Targeting 'Hillary Democrats' In Delaware Republican Primary (VIDEO)


O'Donnell, now just slightly ahead of Rep. Mike Castle in a poll of Republican primary voters who will decide a nominee for Senate tomorrow, complained that national Republicans and the Delaware GOP aren't giving her a fair chance. She said that when voters and party officials get to know her they will see she can win the general election by reaching out to independents. And, presumably, those Clinton voters.

She didn't say if she's gotten those Democrats to actually switch parties, since the primary tomorrow is closed and you must be a Republican to take part.

Republicans are fractured over this race, with several saying Castle is the better candidate. (And Freedom Works founders said at a breakfast today they don't think O'Donnell can win.) But O'Donnell did get a boost from the tea party's favorite member of Congress: Rep. Michele Bachmann endorsed her on Sunday.

"There's a wave, a tidal wave coming to Delaware. We're riding it, my opponent is drowning in it," O'Donnell said.


Additional reporting by Elizabeth Harrison