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Christie Picks Pro-Choice Running Mate, Over Objections From GOP Base

Lonegan also criticized pro-life groups for having stayed neutral in the primary, and not endorsing his insurgent campaign. "I guarantee you unequivocally, I would have chosen a good, solid pro-life lieutenant governor that reflected my views," said Lonegan. "So maybe this is an attempt for the political insiders to appeal to everybody, to pander to both sides."

And now the head of New Jersey Right To Life is predicting that the group probably won't endorse Christie.

As for whether Christie's outreach to swing voters could work, the head of the state Planned Parenthood Action Committee seems to be downplaying that possibility: "We are sending her a candidate questionnaire today and look forward to learning more about her positions on these important issues. Unfortunately, we know that Chris Christie opposes a woman's right to choose and has vowed to roll back reproductive rights if elected. And at the end of the day, you don't get to cast a vote for her without voting for him."

Christie currently leads in the polls, but Corzine is sure to throw a lot of attacks linking Christie to the conservatism of the national GOP, and Christie will have to simultaneously assuage swing voters without alienating the base. It's a tough balancing act, and the next few months will show whether Christie can pull it off.