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Chicago Official: We're Printing Ballots Without Rahm's Name

Newscom / Olivier Douliery

"We're going to press with one less candidate for mayor," Neal said in a statement obtained by The Chicago Tribune.

"We've basically hit the go button," board spokesman Jim Allen told the Tribune. "We needed to do this on the 18th, we were waiting for this decision. We going to press now [sic], we have to."

An Illinois appellate court panel ruled 2-1 today that Emanuel was ineligible to run for mayor of Chicago, overturning an earlier, unanimous decision by the Election Board.

Early voting in the election starts Jan. 31.

"A candidate who is removed from the ballots by the court's has until Feb. 15 to file as a write-in," Allen said.

Earlier today, Emanuel told reporters his lawyers would ask for a stay in the ruling, so that his name could still appear on ballots.

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