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Chart Of The Day: Team Romney Says 'Obama Recovery' Graph Is Perfectly Clear

Newscom / MCT

Here's the chart in question:

You can see a larger version here.

Some looked at the above graph and were instantly struck that Romney was calling the years 2007-2009 the "Obama Recovery." Even a rudimentary knowledge of Wikipedia would let the average cyberhoud suss out that for most of that time, George W. Bush was in office. So claiming the period for Obama would be more than little disingenuous.

And the Romney folks say that's not what they did at all. They suggest critics take a look at the legend, which explains that the red line represents the recession (the 2007-2009) and the blue line is the 24 months after the recession was over -- in this case, 2009-2011 when Obama was fully in charge.

There are doubtless many things people will quibble with in Romney's massive jobs plan. And misleading/confusing charts may be one of them. But it seems Romney is not trying to claim the years 2007-2009 for Obama, as Twitter outrage suggested today.