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Chamber CEO Backs JP Morgan And Dimon In Wake Of Huge Trading Losses


Echoing GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Donohue claimed that the JP Morgan trading losses shouldn't be viewed in isolation because they resulted in gains for investors on the other side of the trade. But pressed on the point that JP Morgan and other big banks benefit from a federal guarantee, and that unsustainable losses will be covered by the government, Donohue offered an unorthodox take on bailouts and the consequences for taxpayers.

"I'm not worried about the government," Donohue said. "The first government to help the banks was George Washington, and ever since, every time they do it, they make usurious amounts of money. And the government has got tons of money back from everything they did through the TARP funds and now they were sort of a little chagrinned to say they're making a lot of money on the AIG deal."

The Treasury Department has recouped much of the money it spent bailing out banks in 2008 and 2009. But the impact the financial crisis had on the broader economy, in isolation of the direct cost of the bailout legislation, has been staggering.

Donohue argued that the wide calls for new legislation and regulation in the wake of the announcement are unnecessary and potentially harmful -- and that JP Morgan will continue to be hugely profitable.

"My own view here, and I think Jamie Dimon -- the thing that was most hurt at that bank was his pride, because, you know, he's a real 'I'm the guy' sort of fellow," Donohue said. Unless efforts to reform Wall Street are rolled back, he added, "[y]ou could have one of these deals where the banks take all of the money they have and put it in the vault and not want to lend it. I'm hyperbolizing for the point that we have so many new regulations."

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