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Carolyn Maloney: Giffords Attack A Reminder To Prevent Unstable People From Having Guns


Maloney says she's devastated.

"She's part of a new generation of women leaders. I went out and campaigned with her in Arizona," Maloney said.

Because of the free flow of misinformation this morning, colleagues and friends and even the President of the United States had lapsed into referring to Giffords in the past tense. Maloney's no exception. "She was a terrific person, she has an amazing future," Maloney added.

As we spoke, Maloney checked her government BlackBerry -- so far she's received no official communication aside from the note of caution Capitol police sent to all members.

"The police have warned members to take precautions, 'reasonable and prudent' precautions to safeguard their security," she said. "I did not get an official communication on a government."

The attack, Maloney said, "speaks to the need for more control to keep unstable people from having access to guns.... Public service is a dangerous profession. It saddens me to see police officers standing on the steps of the Capitol with machine guns. I wish we didn't have to be that way in our society."

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