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Cantor Presses FEMA On Status Of Disaster Aid For His District


Still, the story underlines a broader critique -- that delayed disaster funds are harmful whatever the reason. And if a bureaucratic snafu (or some other issue) is hurting Cantor's constituents, then other disaster victims are equally vulnerable to a funding delays that might be triggered by this past week's legislative fight.

Cantor's spokesman Brad Dayspring brushed aside the notion of a controversy and said instead of crowing now, Democrats could have accepted the offsetting-for-disaster aid principle and replenished FEMA's account last week. "Perhaps the DCCC should be more concerned with the fact that Leader Pelosi, Chairman Israel, and all but five House Democrats voted against $3 billion in aid for FEMA, including over $1 billion in immediate emergency aid," he wrote in an email. "That is more than Leader Reid and Senate passed last evening. The purpose of the call was solely to keep local officials informed on the timeline and process for determination by President Obama and Secretary Napolitano as to whether federal disaster aid will be granted. That is, you know, his job as a Congressman."

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